Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Fling

The kids recently had a fun filled evening at their annual Spring Fling fund raiser.

The older two volunteered to work their classroom’s booths and Jillian donated three 2 liter bottles of root beer to her class’ efforts. The kids had a great time and were incredibly blessed by Chloe’s teacher. Admission was free but each of the games cost a certain amount of tickets, or like most fairs, you could buy an unlimited wrist band. The bands were $10 each. I didn’t feel comfortable shelling out $30 and then paying additionally for food and the silly string corral. (That was one of the things they were insistent about doing.J)  We checked in with Chloe’s teacher for Chloe’s scheduled volunteer time of 5 o’clock and her teacher said she didn’t really need us; she had her son’s help and thought we should just go enjoy ourselves. And then she handed us three wristbands to use! Holy cow! What a blessing that was! J  The kids got to run amok and enjoy themselves to the fullest. They played on the huge slide, bounced in the bounce house, petted ducks, sheep, pygmy goats, rabbits and chickens in the petting zoo, hung out with friends and won a ton of candy and a lot of completely useless junk. J They enjoyed themselves completely. The girls even took turns participating in the karoke booth. They sang in front of the whole crowd. Chloe sang "Love Story” and Jillian sang “Teardrops on My Guitar”. Both are by Taylor Swift. 

As you can see by these pictures, we also decided that we could do face painting at home before going to the event as a way to save money. I had planned on drawing something fun on each other girls' faces but by the time I made it into the bathroom, they had taken it upon themselves to draw whatever they wanted. Oh well, they were happy and it still met the "saving money" criteria. I think next time, they'll let me do it though. :)

The Spring Fling was only the beginning of a very busy weekend. Over those three days, we did a major yard clean up, we went to McDonalds and played and used the internet, and Wyatt took his first steps! J We went to church and also got a new Wii (as part of the kids’ birthday presents) and, of course, after hooking it up, most of the rest of Sunday was dedicated to playing Wii. Nathan also got money for his birthday from Mamoo that he used to get new tubes for his bike and some cool riding gloves. Additionally, his dad and I got him new handles because the old ones were melt-y. This boy loves to ride his bike. And he really loves to ride with his Daddy. I hope they can get some time to go on rides this summer.


theKband said...

Your kids are growing so fast! Love all the pictures!

Stony and Brit said...

What a fun way to start the summer!