Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last Hoo-rah of Summer

Grandpa Chug left us last weekend. It was such a blessing to have him come stay to help with the childcare while Lowell and I were finalizing our moves - new jobs for both of us at the same time, school starting and variable schedules. We couldn't have done it without him. :) When he left, Grandpa left a going-away present. He paid for us to go to the pool for the last weekend it was open. So, Sunday at noon we were at the pool when the gates opened. It was very quiet - there were only about 10 people there including our family!  It was AWESOME!
The kids had a good time jumping off the diving boards, going down the twisty slide and just enjoying the refreshing cool of the water. Hubba was quite a handful because he was determined to be in the water and kept trying to jump out of my arms. He's not light and it was exhausting wrestling him for two hours. Blessedly, Lowell came and picked him up so that I could enjoy the rest of the day with the Biggies. I worked with Jillian on her swimming and we went down the slide together about 8 times. Nathan just swam around, contentedly amusing himself but he also wanted me to watch him swim laps across the pool. Chloe jumped around like she usually does - sometimes playing with Jillian, sometimes with Nathan and sometimes on her own. She jumped off the diving board (both high and low) quite a few times and also played with Hubba a little.
On a personal note, I did a back dive. It was a horrible version of a back dive and ended up being more of a half back flip but the point is I did it. I overcame years of fear and did it. Possibly more on that story to come. Thank you Buggy for the motivation. :) And your honesty. Love you Bug!
Thanks Chug for the fun afternoon at the pool. It was great!

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Stony and Brit said...

Yay for a fun day! We love being at the pool when it is not crowded. And hooray for you and the back dive!! Overcoming fears is always good. :)