Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festival 2012

Odyssey's carnival was held at the new high school this year and featured a craft faire, game booths, dance area, jail, cow pie bingo, bounce houses, an obstacle course, a haunted house, zombie lab, food and friends. My favorite booth was one where the kiddos were supposed to eat a donut that was dangling from a piece of string without using their hands... Sadly, my babies didn't try this booth - by the time they got interested in it, the booth ran out of donuts.

Highlights of the evening: Jillian laughing her way through the haunted house that absolutely TERRIFIED Chloe; Lowell getting to spend the evening with us; all the "how cute!"s I heard as I chased Wyatt around the craft faire; seeing past teachers and friends who had moved to the other campus or left the school; and of course, getting all dressed up. This year we had Hello Kitty, a Clone trooper (different from last year's Clone BTW), a rock star and a little lion.

Sometimes I just have to marvel at how wonderfully blessed I am.

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