Tuesday, June 18, 2013

17 years

Yesterday was my 13th wedding anniversary, that makes 17 years together. The day began as usual, Lowell got up at 4am and left for work and then I rose at 6 to leave for my own 10 hour day. The kiddos were to stay home with Grandpa but they had another plan in mind. The girls convinced me to let them go to work with me. There is a second office at one of our centers that is only used one day a week and so, yesterday, it was occupied by my two middle minions.

The girls were great. They made up skits; they drew and colored; they played Hide&GoSeek with one eye closed, the lights off, and hopping on one foot (there aren’t many hiding options in a small office). Having them at work with me also opened up a conversation about sexual abuse. We have had many conversations about staying safe, not keeping secrets, etc. but yesterday was just another in a long stream of conversations that I am thankful to be having with the kids. Knowledge is power and the freedom to talk about scary and embarrassing topics is priceless.

At home, Lowell and I made dinner and then prepped the bruschetta for tonight’s dinner as well. Then I made smoothies for his breakfasts for the next couple days and we watched the kids play with the dog, wrestle and race Mario Karts.

I love the organized chaos that is our life. But I’m looking forward to some changes that are on the horizon… More on those to come…

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