Monday, October 6, 2014


 These are just some moments with our littlest blessing over the past couple of weeks. He's been fascinated with minions, or "bee-do's" as he calls them, for quite awhile now. He loves his bee-do jammies and his bee-do pillow that his daddy got him.
We've only recently stopped swimming and the kids are convinced that we still could - there have been a couple days right around 100 degrees recently. By the end of this summer, Wyatt has gotten to where he could swim a little without his life jacket.
Lowell loves to swim and was great teaching him. I definitely have fish for children - they all love the water. The pool has been such a blessing, even though it has proven to be a little bit high maintenance because of the age of the pool pump and some other issues we've uncovered.
Looking forward to next year's pool parties and warm summer months but definitely excited about some fall weather around here. Its been a long time since I've worn all those cool weather clothes in my closet!! :)
Thankfully, Wyatt still takes naps everyday and although he tries to convince me that he's not tired most days, he's really pretty good about laying down and sleeping. At least when he's at our house. When he's at the babysitters it's kind of hit and miss. And then there are the days where he just plays and plays until he collapses. These are usually days when he doesn't sleep at the babysitter's and then comes home exhausted. These are days when we get cute pictures like this. :)  He's really good at bedtime too. The big kids take turns reading him a story in his little bed and then he either reads to himself or goes right to sleep. Such a good little man!
Lowell and I are both left-handed but all three biggies are right handed. I think we may have finally gotten another south-paw in our family! Wyatt likes to do his "homework" when the biggies are doing theirs and he likes to draw little pictures whether with chalk on the garage floor or with markers and colored pencils on paper. He also loves puzzles and he's really good at them!
Another favorite activity, of course, is going to the park. Like with swimming, Wyatt has no fear. He likes to swing "way high" and absolutely loves to push the merry-go-round. That's right, push it. He will ride it when he gets tired running around in circles but he loves to be able to push other kids. I think of it as a toddler hamster wheel because he gets so much exercise doing it! :) It wears him out!
He's such a beautiful blessing to our family and getting bigger every day! He's so looking forward to starting school and I know it will be here before I know it. Just a fun fact, by the way -- in two years, when he starts kindergarten, Jillian will start junior high and Nathan will be a freshman in high school! High school, jr. high and kindergarten. Wow. :)

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