Monday, April 19, 2010


Its been a very exciting couple of days.. :) After posting last night I went into the girls room to help them get ready for bed. I told them that instead of watching a little tv before bed, everyone was going to bunk down and read for awhile. Chloe is progressing really well in her reading - she's up to chapter books and has recently begun the Junie B Jones series. Last night she picked up a Tinkerbell chapter book (which I only own because the title is "Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon". :)) Nathan just reads whatever he can get his hands on from National Geographic to Magic Treehouse to Lowell's diesel magazines. :) Jillian has been looking at pictures and likes to be read to, but last night she grabbed "Hop on Pop". And to my surprise, she started reading. She was blending and sounding out the words and made it through the first couple of pages without my help. So, I started working with her and SHE WAS READING! :) So exciting!!! We've continued working through the book this morning and she was very happy to show off her new found skills when Daddy got home from work. :) Also, I sang to my girls last night, and when I got to the chorus I heard my little one singing along with me... They are listening!!! Thank you, Lord! May the message of Your love sink deep into their hearts and take root...

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Anonymous said...

Aww, it's great that your little ones all like reading. It made me laugh that Nathan reads diesel mechanic magazines. I also like your book with the 'Rani in the Lagoon' chapter. I've saved a romance novel for years only because it was written by a Lynda Trent. (Aunt Lynn found it for me.) Finally, yay Jilly! That's great! It sounds like a really nice evening. :)