Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Miracle about Chloe

One thing I didn't know about appendicitis and specifically, a burst appendix, is that it isn't uncommon for the appendix to take an ovary with it when it ruptures. When the surgeon first came out of surgery that afternoon, he had about 12 pictures to show us that had been taken from the laproscopic camera. First he showed us pictures of the appendix before and after and explained what we were looking at. He said that a normal appendix should be about the size of that person's pinky finger. Chloe's was the size of a full grown man's thumb. It was seriously inflamed. He also showed us the junk that was in Chloe's abdomen and the fluid that he removed. Then he showed us two pictures - one of the left ovary and one of the right. I questioned what the ovaries have to do with the appendix. That was when he told me that the ovaries are at risk whenever the appendix bursts. I was shocked! My daughter could've had her ability to have children taken away or seriously compromised!?!?!?!! Thankfully however, they were both completely unaffected and perfect.
Yet another miracle to add to the list of those that we were part of with Chloe's surgery.

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Moron said...

Wow, I didn't know that either! Thank you Lord!!! God is sooooo good!