Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Answered Prayer

There are some days I feel like my prayers fall on deaf ears; like God is too busy to hear my pleas. And then there are days like today. Last night I prayed very specifically, "Lord, I need my tax return. Tonight." This morning, there it was in my bank account. Today I prayed for something I've been hoping for and then, the phone rang and, viola, I'm getting what I hoped for.
I shouldn't limit these praises to just today either, because the past few days have really been miraculously full of blessing. Valentines Day was yesterday and I got presents both from Chloe and from my husband. Lowell went shopping on Saturday and came home with a little something for everyone.. And a bag for me. He said that it wasn't a traditional Valentine's gift and that it might not even be the right size, but that he wanted to reward me for all the hard work I've done in getting my body back to the way I want it to be and, awesomely, it could also work as further motivation... What did my loving husband get me? A bikini. My first one ever. And I have to say, I look awesome!!!! I was shocked to see my reflection and to realize that all my hard work has really been paying off. What an incredible blessing because, honestly, most of the credit for my weight loss goes straight to God. He really changed my desire and my addiction to food. He freed me. All glory goes to Him. I would still like to exercise more and 'firm up' some, that's where the motivation comes in, but I have to say, this was a great VDay present indeed!
Monday was a difficult day for Chloe. She got a slightly less than perfect score on a project and was really upset by it. (Chloe also suffers from perfectionism.) She had also had a negative encounter with one of her classmates that day that was weighing heavily on her mind - he teased her about something she was wearing and she took it really hard. When I told Chloe it was bedtime and she realized she wouldn't have time to finish the Valentine card she was making for her teacher, she lost it. For the third time that day. So, I called her over to snuggle with me a little... I held her and rubbed her little back and let her cry. And then, I prayed -- "Lord help me love her and encourage her..." And God spoke through me. Not only did He encourage Chloe, He encouraged me. The words He gave me - "It doesn't matter to me what grade you get. Ever. It will never matter. I don't love Chloe the good student or Chloe the smart girl or Chloe the good speller or Chloe the silly one... I just love Chloe." She cried more and snuggled in close and I held her. My heart was full and she was comforted. God is so good. When she had calmed down, she went into her room where she had hidden a present for me. She made me a card and gave me a necklace. I wore the necklace the next day but more than the gift, I was heartened by memories of our time together on the couch.
Then, Tuesday, Lowell put a cherry on top of my already overflowing sundae.... I came home from work feeling like I hadn't even begun to do anything of substance when Lowell handed me a clip board... He had written me a 4 page love letter. 4 pages. 4 wonderful loving pages filled with memories, compliments and dreams... I would love to share it with everyone just to beam about how loved I am but instead, I'll share one of my favorite lines... "I love your soft sweet hands. They need help opening jars in the kitchen, yet they are firm enough to place on my back and help me move forward." 
I feel blessed and showered with love and affection in such tangible ways today. I have been spoiled by my kids, by my husband and by my God. Wow... I don't deserve all this, but I'm certainly reveling in it. How lucky I am.
 I'm proud of myself... Not done yet, but pretty good.  :)


Sarah said...

U Look AWESOME!!!!

Stony and Brit said...

Holy crap, Rani! You look amazing!
What a wonderful overflowing sundae! I'm crying (normal) out of joy for you!

theKband said...

You look fantastic!

jesuslovesgiraffes said...

You guys are awesome... I was nervous -- thanks! :)