Wednesday, February 1, 2012

External vs. Internal Motivation

I had a conversation with Lowell yesterday about my blog and whether or not I was going to continue it. I started blogging three years ago as a way to try to connect with people. I also just wanted to have a place to write about our family, my life and the lessons I'm learning. Originally, I thought this was only for me but then I started getting comments and realized I loved the feedback from others. And now, I've found myself writing so that I can get input from people who are reading my blog, looking for encouragement, kuddos, a smiley face, anything to let me know that people are reading what I'm sending out into the internet world. Its not longer for me. Recently, I went over two weeks without a comment from someone, thus the conversation with Lowell. His answer - keep blogging because in the beginning, I did it for me; I enjoyed it. He said to keep writing, keep recording our memories and my feelings and do it because I enjoy it regardless of whether another person reads it or not.
So, thats what I'm going to do, keep writing.
I am considering disabling the comment option completely so that I am not obsessed with them. Maybe.

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Stony and Brit said...

My 2 cents: don't stop bloggine...but only for my sake. I love catching up on your family this way! There are times I go far too long without blogging or reading your blogs, but when i do get a chance, it always bring a smile to my heart. Another friend of mine stopped blogging and I MISS her updates. I understand your reasoning and if you need to stop for you; that is fine. But I LOVE your blog!!