Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dream Come True

Empire Caterpillar, Mesa AZ. Lowell's new place of employment! :) His LAST place of employment, most likely! There are five different departments at this shop and Lowell will be working in the Main Truck Shop. This huge monster in the picture is what he's going to be working on. This is a haul truck that is used in the mines around the southwest for bringing material out of the mines. The trucks get brought to the shop and serviced on a regular basis. The work can't be done in the field because the machines are so big, the mechanics have to use cranes for anything! Lowell's first 3 weeks of training will just be on cranes! The tires themselves are 10 feet tall!!
Lowell is like a little kid in on Christmas morning.. He's told me more than 60 times, "Ask me where I work," so that he can say "Caterpillar". :)  So funny. And I'm so excited for him. Excited for us, actually because I know that him being happy at work will make a huge difference in his mood. His schedule will also be changing - as of the 19th, he'll be working Monday through Friday from 2-10:30. This will give him Friday mornings and both Saturday and Sunday with the family. This will allow him to start going on bike rides with the kids again, coming to church with us, and sleep on a semi-normal schedule!! Because of his earlier shift, I've changed my schedule at work so that I can be home in time for him to leave. I'll be working from 8-12 on both Monday and friday at the office and then from 8-12 on Tuesday at the school.
I'm always nervous when things change, especially things as big as a new job, new schedules, the very likely possibility that we will be moving to the complete other side of town (75 miles away)....
But with all the unknowns, I am completely at peace with the fact that this job came straight from God and this is exactly what we need to be doing. I was at peace when Lowell was in his first interview - I knew he'd get the job and I knew it was a blessing from God. I knew it. And because God has given us this blessing, I am equally convinced that He will provide for our move, for the kids new school, for our schedule and timing as a family... I'm sure of it. God will not leave us hanging. I don't know all the details, and that's a yucky place for me to be, but I'm sure of His goodness and His provision. And I'm resting in that. And celebrating.
Where does my husband work?
Caterpillar. :) 


Stony and Brit said...

I am so excited for you guys! I remember when I was still at Canyon you telling me how badly Lowell wanted to work at Catepillar. Oh, how cool!!! So are you moving to Mesa? Let me parents may have a rental house in Apache Junction... I'll be praying for you during all these changes and transitions. And for the kids too, especially if/when they change schools.

jesuslovesgiraffes said...

We are definitely considering moving to the east valley. It would be over the summer... I'm not thrilled about moving the kids again, but this should be the last time. Finally. :) And thanks for all your comments-they always make me smile.