Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spectacular Love

My facebook status today:
Completely and totally spoiled by my wonderful husband yesterday and today... He took care of dinner last night, took care of the baby, helped the kids with their homework, and rubbed my feet --- all while I was instructed to sit on the couch and drink the strawberry margarita he made me - complete with a little strawberry on the rim of the glass. :)
Chloe's reaction -- Isn't it spectacular how much Daddy loves you???
Indeed it is, babe. Indeed it is.

Feeling spoiled even now... Lowell spent an hour early this morning heating up water for me to take a shower, then set up the bathroom with candles and classical music, and heaped bucket-fulls of water over the shower door so that I could take a warm shower to get ready for work. He also ran to the store before I woke up and picked up a muffin for breakfast as a treat. (I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was way too sweet -- I appreciate the gesture.)
All of this on top of my spoiled-ness last night makes a girl start to feel unworthy.

On the way to work I was reminded about my year-long pursuit of a view of myself that is in line with who the Bible says I am. I am loved, I am new, I am chosen and holy, I am in the process of being remade into the image of One so beautiful and perfect... And, better than all that, He already sees me that way! He sees me as pure, spotless, blameless and worthy of dying for.

When I think of God as a father, I can totally grasp this idea of loving a child so incredibly much and accepting them for exactly who they are, because I know this is how I feel about my children. For some reason however, the message gets lost in translation when I try to feel that way about who I see in the mirror. And to believe that God loves me even more than I love my children or my husband...And more than my husband loves me. That is spectacular love.

Wow. Spoiled and loved by the King of Heaven. Now I really feel unworthy.

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