Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This weekend I was blessed to be able to spend some time with a dear friend. Britany and her family were in Arizona for a week and invited my little clan over for a BarBQue and swimming. Her sister, Stephanie and her two daughters were there -- the last time I saw Steph was when Brit and I were in college... I also got to catch up with Britany's mom and grandma. They are dear, special women. Unfortunately Brit's dad was feeling sick so he stayed in the bedroom so as to not share his germs. This was appreciated, but sad that we couldn't visit!
The kids swam even though the water was cold - even Wyatt spent a little time in the water. Brit and I helped prepare the food, lounged by the pool and caught up. Like Britany said, ours is not a friendship that requires a lot of maintenance... It seems that, even if we go a year without talking, (we stay up on each other's lives via blog) we can still get together and feel comfortable with each other. In her I've found a kindred spirit... She is someone I can be transparent with, someone I respect and go to for advice and encouragement; I admire her and think she's altogether fabulous...
A few months ago, my friend Sarah stayed at our house for a few days.. I don't call Sarah "Sarah". She is "Moron". (Don't ask, neither of us remember why we started calling each other Moron. We've been doing it for years.) Anyway, my kids thought it was very amusing that their mom was calling Auntie RaRa "Moron" and being called "Moron" in return. Britany and I have a very similar situation -- we call each other "Marie". Actually, its MRE. Again, my kids were confused why I had a different name and why I was calling Ms Britany, MRE... This story I remember. Well, kind of.
For some reason in college one day we started talking about silly songs and shared a couple of the ones we knew... "Eddie-Cootchie-Catchie-Coma-Tosa-Neara-Tosa-Noka-Samma-Camma-Wacky-Brown fell into a well, fell into a well, fell into a deep dark well." That was one of the them and the source of the "E" in our name. The other two names began with M and R, thus - MRE. But I don't remember the other two songs...
MRE, do you??
Silly things you do in college... But they are precious memories I share with a precious woman of God who I am soooo thankful to call a friend.
And if she ever tells you she can't spell her name with her butt --- don't believe her! I've seen it! :)


Stony and Brit said...

Magalena-hagalena-ooka-talka-walka-talk-ok-moka-polka was her name. Ricky-ticky-tembo-no-so-rembo-sorry-barry-ochie-pippy-pembo.
(I can't help but giggle:)

Stony and Brit said...

It was a wonderful time! I loved spending the afternoon with you. Now that I am back, people ask what the highlight of my trip was: your visit is at the top of my list.