Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 40

Recently Time magazine published their annual 100 Most Influential People of the Year list. Most of the people I had never even heard of. I’m not sure if that’s indicative of a general trend of ignorance among my contemporaries or if I am simply  burying my head in my family life and ignoring the major players of our age... Nevertheless, the article got me thinking… Who would qualify for the most influential people in my life?

So, I created a list -- In no particular order, these are my top 40. I am not going to expound on these people in this post, explaining their influence on my life, but I encourage you to think back and maybe take this opportunity to write a letter or make a phone call simply letting someone know that they made a difference in your life. Their time, their love, their support... There are a few people here that I am going to send letters to because I will forever be a better person simply for having known them. And who wouldn't want to receive that kind of letter!?! :)

I must place one caveat on my list: Not all of these people have influenced my life for the better - or at least for the "happier" or the "easier"; I believe that God works all thing together to accomplish His purpose of making me more like Christ but, given the choice, I would likely have ommited certain interactions or circumstances. That being said, I am who I am today because of all these people - good or bad, they have influenced my life.

Top 40 Most Influential People in My Life Thus Far:
Family: Lowell Trent; Mamie; my mom; Grammie; my dad;  Ashley Wood; AJ Woden; Pat Jay; George Jay
Friends: Megan VanBuskirk and Jessica Mustill; Michelle (Parker) Smither; Sarah (Fleming) Jack; Jennie Jackson; Robin, Shannon and Trudy; Sam Smith; Matt George; Franz Bodenmuller; Susan McCarthy; Britany (Nytes) Allred; Abby (Pahl) Sherman; Deb Fahey;  Dean Koontz (well, kind of friend); Carrie Lovett
Church: Tim Johnson; Dr. Maxie Bruchs; Greg Rohlinger;
Teachers: Mr. and Mrs. Nelson; Mr. Randall; Ellen RoyDay; Kathy Warring; Mrs Cosgrove; Vivian Byrnes; Dr. Baron and Dr. Donahue; Gail Johnson
                                                                                                 and more so than anyone – Jesus Christ.