Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lucky Girl

This was part of my journal entry for Christmas Eve:

Today is Christmas eve, 2014. It's actually very close to Christmas day as its about 11:40 at night. Christmas day will be Thursday – Monday night I had surgery on my ankle. That set of circumstances leads me to a hospital bed in my living room surrounded by a knee scooter, bottles of pills, and assorted items to keep me occupied while I'm on bed rest for at least a week. Christmas definitely doesn't look "normal" this year but, with the small exception of a few moments this afternoon when I learned I wouldn't be able to stand the pain of the ankle brace that would allow me to attend Christmas Eve services at our church, I've been upbeat and so very thankful. On TV right now is Christmas music and the image of a fireplace decked out in Christmas finery. I smell coffee coming from the kitchen because Dad and Lowell are in the garage having another marathon session of pool. I can hear them laughing. Chloe is asleep on the floor next to me because Grandpa is supposed to be sleeping  in her bed. Checkers occasionally meows from the bathroom; we're letting her stay inside overnights right now because she's so old and her foot is broken. There's a cat on the TV fireside video – a little orange one. :)

Lowell bought me the knee scooter. He said he was going to WalGreens but, in fact, he went to Goodwill and then, after coming up empty handed, got on Craigslist and found one in Tartesso. He was proud of himself because he called the person on his own and set up the time to go and get it – all by himself. If you know Lowell, that’s a big deal because he doesn't like that type of thing. He said he even stayed and talked to the guy for about 30 minutes because "he was lonely". Such a caring guy I have! He really is wonderful. He bought me a treadmill, my scooter and an Arizona Cardinal's sweatshirt for Christmas. But more than that, he put in the effort to go and get the scooter, he's been watching the games with me and Dad, he's taking care of me and helping me get around in the house, he's had the kids come and spend time with me, encouraging them to do a skit for me and then having Nathan come and play cards with me when I was upset about not being able to go to church. He's so thoughtful. He loves me.

I just wanted to post this to show what I wonderful husband I have. There are many other details or stories like this I could include but this is a good example of how caring and generous he is. I love him and I'm so lucky to have him.

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