Thursday, May 8, 2008

God Answers Prayer

There are many reasons that I believe in the power of prayer.. This past week has only given me more reasons. :) As many of you know, I've been put on medication for my seizures (and it's working, by the way) but the medicine is very expensive. I take three pills a day, and each pill is between $2 and $3 apiece. So, I was looking at, minimum, $180 a month for the rest of my life... Yikes! But then my dr. switched and put me on a different med that IS ON THE WALMART $4 PERSCRIPTION LIST!!!! Can you believe it!?!? So, for a month, my medicine is now going to be $13. Isn't God amazing? I know that could only be because people have been praying for us. Also, I've been going to school online through Grand Canyon University but I was going to have to take the summer off because my financial aid didn't cover all my spring semester, so I had a balance due. And they won't let you take more classes, even though I have financial aid for summer, if you have an outstanding balance. Then I got a phone call yesterday. Wednesday. Classes started Monday. It was my academic advisor letting me know that I needed to sign in to my classes. I explained to him that I wasn't taking classes this semester because there was a financial hold on my account. He said, "No, that's been taken care of so that you can take classes. In fact, you're registered for one, so you better get to work!" I was flabbergasted to say the least. I even looked at the phone to make sure there wasn't a problem with it - I couldn't believe what I was hearing... But, no he was right, somehow, the issue was resolved (I still don't understand how) but I'm signed up for three classes this semester and I've got some catching up to do!! :L) I won't even get my books until next week, so this outta be interesting. :) Actually, if I want to really work my hind-end off, I could graduate at the end of summer. That would require me to that the two most difficult psychology classes offered in the same semester! (Along with two other classes!) So, I may have to wait until December... But still, I'm excited that graduation is even that close! I'm going to have a degree before I'm thirty afterall! :) (30? Did I just say 30? Am I really that old??? :) ) Remember, God really does answer prayer! :)

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theKband said...

i'm so happy to hear about your meds!! one of our good friends is a doctor and she said that she has decided to always carry a $4 prescription list with her so that she can get her patients meds that they can afford. i'm always so happy to hear other doctors not giving in to the drug company hoopla and being willing to get the generics to those of us who need them. yay!