Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chloe's and Jillie's haircuts

Here are the long awaited photos of Chloe and Jillian after their haircuts. Let me know what you think. :) Aren't they gorgeous little girls?!?!? :) Jillie's hair is just as curly as it was before I cut it and Chloe just loves hers because she doesn't get nearly as many tangles and she doesn't have to have her hair in a piggy - she can just wash and go. (And mom likes that too!)
On a side note, I've started on medication for my seizures. I started Wednesday, today is Saturday. I had no ill effects until yesterday afternoon when I started getting dizzy. I woke up this morning still dizzy which is extremely unfortunate because I have a lot of homework to do and it's very hard to read that little print in my text when all the words are swimming together... I only have one week left and I'm not ashamed to say that I CANNOT WAIT!!! Lowell thinks I need to take a quarter off both because of how hard I've been working and also because of the introduction of the medicine. He doesn't think it's smart to be commited to a full load when I don't know how these meds will affect me. I don't like to admit that I may be taking on too much, but I think he may be right. We are also considering the option of me working. However with our current schedule, the kids would have to be in day care for two hours a day: from 3:30 to 5:30. If the child care was $5/hour per child, that would be $30 a day. I don't think I'll make more than minimum wage right now so... I'd only be making $34 a day. I don't know if that would be worth it for an eight hour day... I'd work from 4 to midnight, so I'd make $4 an hour and be tired the next day... So, that's still a work in progress.
Jillian is still very bossy and is exerting her power very frequently. Interestingly enough, Nathan has decided that he has some power to throw around too so we've begun to see a battle of wills between them. Chloe just kind of watches them and sides with whoever she thinks will be the winner in the current battle. It usually ends with Jillian screaming and Nathan crying... That has been... an interesting study in human behavior. And a pain in the peaches!! I'm ready for this battle to be over. I'm afraid, however that it will be a permenant fixture in our home as they grow. I'm working on teaching them to work together and be sure that they are using love as their filter. Unfortunately, I think I take two steps forward and three steps back because I often find myself so frustrated at their warring that I end up yelling at them both! I think the solution lies in being aware enough of what's going on that I can cut them off before the fight begins. So much of parenting is just being observant and focusing your attention on the kids. That means that there is a lot of time involved... I need to let some things go that I'm currently spending my time and attention on and focus it on the kids... Easier said than done, but we're working on it. :)

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