Sunday, May 16, 2010

Growing Children

Today I walked down the hall and looked into both of the kids bedrooms... And I saw the mess and the toys and the blanket and the books... The same mess that is there everyday that I have to remind them over and over and over and over again to clean up... But today, I wasn't irritated. I actually smiled. I saw Nathan's flip flops and was shocked to realize that they are big enough for me to wear. I heard the "Jesus music" coming from the CD player in the girls' room... The music that they choose to listen to. I saw the toys that they each love and snuggle with to help them sleep: Pooh Bear, Eaglie, Black Horse, Jingle Cat... And instead of being frustrated that we'll have to go through the clean up routine yet again, I was reminded about the precious-ness of my children and how quickly they are growing up. I'm listening to the girls laugh right now.. Earlier this morning, they were fighting like cats and dogs, but now, they're the best of friends. They are both having Skittles right now....
J: "Chloe, don't eat one of my pinks."
C: "Why?"
J: "Because they're gross!!"
C: "Oh, can I try one?"
J: "Yeah, here, you gotta try it. Its gross!"

Nathan has been asking me to read him Bible stories... A couple nights ago we talked about Jonah and then we read the story from the Bible. Today we read in Matthew about Jesus healing a paralyzed man and when Jesus claimed in front of the religious leaders that He was God. I love seeing my children grow, their interests are changing, their feet are growing... But their love of God and their interest in Him is growing too... I love feeding their souls and seeing them grow spiritually. What blessings!!!

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