Monday, October 18, 2010

Boogie the Turtle

I am soooo in love with my little Boogie!

She is passion and fire and spirit all rolled up into this little ball that is Boogie. She can get soo angry and she will cross her little arms, and furrow her little brow and squinch her little nose and stomp her little foot... And then she will explode with exuberance and sprint down the hall and throw her entire body into this full love slam hug that is accompanied with this "I LOVE YOU MAMA". And then at the same time, she will break out in tears that she misses her sister, she misses her brother, or... my most un-favorite time - when I allow my temper to escalate so that I snap at her with a tone of voice that she says scares her. These moments I regret and get Mom guilt and hate and wish that I could take back. Those moments, she just cries and cries.... But as soon as I take her in my arms and apologize, she's right back to loving me again with that passionate, beautiful,100% devoted heart. And its just gorgeous.

I laughed so much tonight sitting in the Lounge at BK watching her fight with the door... It is so unfathomable for me that she is so little that she actually has to fight with the door to get it open. I can't even imagine being that weak! :)

And then there's her social butterfly status... Some mornings when we drop Chloe and Nathan off at their school, Boogie will bust out into tears because she "misses her guys". Sometimes this fit will last all the way to her school... As soon as she sees one of her friends or one of her teachers however, its over. The door to my car flings open, she's grabbing her lunch and running out the door. "Bye, Mom!" I rarely get an 'I love you' or a good-bye hug because she's so excited to see one of her school friends.

She is also passionate about her opinion. She knows what she wants and exactly what she doesn't want.

I've watched her as she is enthralled by the new Taylor Swift video on CMT... Her little body moves and sways to the beat but her eyes don't ever leave the screen... She is a lover of music, just like her mama. She frequently tells me to "Turn it up" and she will sing out lyrics to worship music, the latest country hits and even some songs that Daddy (or other media) have exposed her to. Like "I like big butts". It was exciting the first time I heard that song come out of my 5 year old's mouth. Or "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...." Its amamzing how quickly they learn and how short the exposure needs to be in order for these things to get stuck in their brains.

And aggravating how easily their silly little songs get stuck in my head. :)

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