Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My little Mariposa

Chloe... My beloved Chloe...

I got a text message at 7:05 Tuesday morning from the kids' school.. We leave for school at 7:05 am. School was canceled for Nathan and Chloe. So, dressed and ready to go, already sitting in the car, I told them the news. Nathan was thrilled! Jillian was happy that she could still go to her school. (Preschool and kindergarten are at a different campus) Chloe was quiet... After thinking about it for a minute she said, "Maybe I could go to school with Jillie and help in her class." I honestly didn't know if that was an option but I told her we could ask Jillian's teacher. "But Mom," she said, "I have to go to school! What about Bales??!?" (Bales was the school they went to before the charter school) I just laughed!!! How adorable is she?? She just wanted to be at school soooo badly!

So we asked Jillian's teacher and, Chloe spent the day as a teacher's assistant for Kindergarten.

Tonight while Nathan and I were reviewing his spelling words and I was cooking dinner, Lowell was talking to Chloe... He held her down and tickled her and then, when she got away, she strutted back toward her room saying, "Do you know how to treat girls?????? .... Not like that!"

So fantastic.. She's awesome! :)

Chloe has also been promoted to the Honor's math program. She's doing amazing. She rarely misses more than one or two questions on anything she does and is soooooo adamant about doing the right thing. For example, she lost one of her 'tie' shoes a couple days ago. The school rule is that the kids have to wear shoes with laces.. So, Chloe's only options were to go to school with one 'tie' shoe or with two shoes that buckled. She was frantic - absolutely convinced that she was going to get in trouble. I had to practically drag her out of the car; she had to take two breaks to calm down on the way into the class building, and she after I spoke to the teacher, she took another break in the bathroom to calm herself down. Of course, the teacher wasn't upset and she didn't get in trouble... She is just sooo concerned with doing things the right way that she couldn't stand going to school without the proper dress code.

I see a lot of me in her... I was a complete perfectionist as a child and I was also very conscientious about following the rules. I don't want her to take the perfectionism as far as I have... I want her to be flexible and able to make decisions about when its okay to bend the rules. Because of this, I'm glad I streched her that day but it was hard to watch her suffer. Thankfully, she was completely back to normal by the time I picked her up. And she could even admit that she had overreacted a little about her shoes.

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