Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When the Cat is Away...

Interesting things that happen while I'm distracted with homework or while Daddy is sleeping:

The cat has new spots added by a permenant marker. Apparently he didn't have enough spots before.

Water Parks spring up in our kitchen. There are slides made out of big round postal mailers, pools made out of Tupperware and diving boards made out of rulers. The Littlest Pet Shop crew in our house had the hook up!

At least 25 little toys migrate to my closet and are left in various stages of hidden-ness under my dresser.

My two beautiful girls abscond with at least half of my jewelry and I never can find all of it again...

Everything that we worked to clean up comes jumping out of "Where It Goes" and lands squarely in the middle "Where I Dropped It".

The girls' bedroom magically turns into a TV News Station complete with weather board and roving reporters.

A very hungry horde of homosapiens comes into my kitchen and devours, well, everything. And they don't clean up after themselves.

Also, things I would never have dreamed of saying before having three children:

Nathan, Stop eating the shopping cart!

The ferret is not a frisbee.

Why is the cat in the dishwasher?

If you can make dirt angels, you're not sick. Go to school.

Clean is different from dirty. If the room is still dirty, it can't be clean.

Jillian cannot be trusted with the toad.

What surprised me the most, was how closely I had to pay attention to what I was saying because without it, I didn't even notice how strange these phrases actually are. They've become so commonplace and so normal in my everyday vernacular that I don't think anything of them.. Thats even more reason for me to take the time to remember and appreciate them. :) And to understand why I receive so many knowing smiles from other moms and outright stares from those not blessed with children!

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