Saturday, September 25, 2010

Burger King and the Army

I'm sitting at Burger King tonight working on my homework because we don't have internet at home right now. This BK has a WiFi lounge next door to a children's play room. The playroom doesn't have slide or any of that crazy stuff but it has video games and fun chairs. In the dining room, I noticed there were 4 soldiers dressed in khaki camo. Chloe came over and said, "Mom, look, there's soldiers here!" I said, "You're right. Would you like to go tell them 'Thank you for serving our country'?" She said that she was too shy and so she decided to ask Jillian to go with her. I watched from behind the glass as my two baby girls went up to the four soldiers and I got to watch their faces light up. One of the soldiers, the one I would guess to be the oldest, talked to the girls, thanked them and gave them one of the patches off of her uniform. Then another one of the soldiers pulled off two of his patches and gave them to the girls. They are from 1st squadron, airborne from the Army. I don't know if that's the correct way to write it, but that's the information the girls could remember. I was very proud of my "shy" girls and also very thankful to the soldiers who took the time to make my babies' day! :)

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