Saturday, September 11, 2010


Jillian made me breakfast. I love this little act of service that Chloe and Jillian have begun preforming. :) So sweet.

Chloe spent most of the morning doing gymnastics in the living room accompanied by songs from YouTube.

Nathan spent the morning outside in the
beautiful "fall" air (It was around 78 degress this morning) doing whatever it is that boys with huge imaginations do when presented with unlimited free time and a large yard of sand. I watched him as he knelt down in the sand, moving things around and then he would get up and move to another place... Then he picked up a large rock and threw it at some of the weeds.. Then right back to the original place where he jumped up with a punch into the air "Yes!". I have no idea what the celebration was over, but it certainly looked like fun.

Creepy is a huge fan of the new organizational tool we've made in the girls room. We've put all their stuffed toys in a box by their bed. He believes this is his personal smorgish board of things to run away with. He is especially fond of the Barbie box. All of his stolen treasures can be found either under my bed or under my dresser.

Last night our cat feel asleep under the step stool. We watched "Letters to God" and had popcorn. Nathan decided to sit on the step stool and drop popcorn kernals onto the cat. Later, after the step stool was moved and the cat was still in the same place
, Jillian went to pick him up. "Mom, can I still hold him even though he laid eggs?"

On the subject of Boogie, she also has her first loose tooth. And Chloe has one too. They're excited about loosing teeth at the same time. :)

Nathan got results from a test yesterday. He scored in the 91st percentile in reading comprehension and the 75th in language and math. He was upset because he wasn't reading the report correctly -- he thought he didn't do well. I was very proud of him!!! :) Such a smart boy!!

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