Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night was my last class. As in, last. Final. No more. Complete.
And its sooo not real. I have finished all of my coursework for my masters. All I have left is 700 hours of practicum. And I have a couple of leads about sites.. Now I just have to secure on within the next week or so. Then my counselor's exam is in April and well.... I'll have my masters! :) It seems soooooo unreal! And there's more!!
Yesterday was one of good news! I also learned that we have secured a house to rent!! Yeah! :) It is a larger house - with a huge fenced yard!!!!!! I am soooooooooo thankful!

In our life there is another hurdle that we're struggling with currently that God has been showing Himself so faithful.. I am thankful each day for how His hand is moving in our lives and I am soo thankful for my husband. I love his dedication to taking care of us. I love his sense of humor and his commitment to having a house full of laughter. I love how responsible he is about going to work every day, even if he's only slept 1 hour. (fyi - I could NOT do that! and he does it almost weekly.) I love his words of encouragement and how much he appreciates and loves his family. He really, really loves us. And that is about the most wonderful thing in the world.
I'm just thankful. I'm blessed and I'm grateful.

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