Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Preparations

I'm going to decorate for Christmas. Eventually. I have a wonderful husband who has commented a few times that he's going to go to storage to get all 7 boxes of Christmas decorations... But so far, life has intervened. One day it was raining. The next, he was exhausted and just needed to take the day off. And then we're fighting the clock with moving out of our other house and needing to load up the dumpster at the new house... They're coming on Wednesday the 20th to pick it up. There is still sooo much to do.
I hate moving.
Back to Christmas, Lowell and I had a great family moment a few days ago where we sat down and taught the kids how to make snowflakes. They folded the paper and learned how to make the cuts and shapes and were sooo excited when they opened up their masterpieces! We made big snowflakes, little snowflakes, snowflakes with only hearts cut into them and a whole bunch more. We're going to hang them from the ceiling. We also have a calendar Chloe made at school and some reindeer food that we're supposed to spread on the ground Christmas Eve. Jillian also made a glittery snowflake out of popsicle sticks that has a little picture of her face in the middle of it.
We've done a little bit of Christmas shopping but nothing is wrapped yet. And honestly, I don't know what I'd do with it if it were because we don't have tree to put anything under!! :)
We did make one major family Christmas present purchase. We bought a new TV. We got a flat screen that only weighs about 40 lbs. I mention the weight because the TV that we had weighed almost 200 lbs. It was big, but it was impossible to move and sooooooo cumbersome.
Our church is having Christmas Eve services on both the 23rd and 24th. We are attending the service on the 23rd at 5pm and then we're going to stay and work the toddler room for the 7pm service. Christmas Day will be dinner - we've invited our neighbors from the old house over. I'm looking forward to it because it really doesn't seem like Christmas to me unless the house is full of people. Our neighbors don't like turkey so I'm going to have to adjust my menu a little... I'm thinking either ham or green-chile chicken enchiladas.
I still have family presents to make and mail too. Really hoping that gets done tonight. Just sooo much to do.


theKband said...

You guys have so much going on these days! Make sure you take time to rest in there too!! :)

Stony and Brit said...

I sure to rest! And just enjoy each other. I'm learning (w/ all our adjusting) that Christmas doesn't have to be about the decorations as fun as they are...but my sweet husband put the tree up anyway & our darling destructor nephew has broken 3 ornaments and keeps his sword in the branches. Our sermon series right now is "Messy Christmas"...the first one was...This Christmas isn't necessarily messy, but I pray you continue to find joy amidst the diffrent & the busy