Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Move

Its Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work tomorrow... I'm going to go to Goodwill sometime this afternoon and see if I can get appropriately outfitted. I'll have to post pictures of the event! :)

We took possession of the house we're leasing (possibly buying - its a lease/purchase option) yesterday. Very exciting day. I suppose I need to take pictures of it too! But I'll clean it up some first. We're going to be moving over the next couple of weeks. The kids are sooooo excited! They saw it for the first time yesterday and got to pick out their rooms and play in the huge yard. When we got back home, they set about drawing sketches of how they want their rooms to be painted and decorated. So far, I have a Star Wars themed room, (bet you can't guess who that is!) an underwater room (Chloe) and a garden room with flowers, bugs and rainbows (Boogie). I have my work cut out for me and I think I'm going to get very familiar with the paint/stencil section of Lowes!! :)
Lowell is taking the next couple of days off work so that he can help with the major cleaning and moving and then I'll be able to move in car loads over the next week or so. We have to be out of our current house by the 3rd. Christmas is a strange time to be moving, but I've very excited about having a nice clean, new house and getting to decorate it!!!! :) Yipee!
More than anything, I'm soooo thankful for the outdoor space. I can't wait for you to see it! There are chicken coops in the backyard because the previous owner raised fighting chickens. Nathan is very excited about tearing them down. He and Daddy starting working on them, and Nathan is showing a lot of skill at using a hammer and screwdriver... :) And he just likes to destroy things.
While moving, we're downsizing our belongings and we're going to buy furniture that fits our new space over time. This will be exciting.. Lowell said we can go yard sale-ing together and search for deals. I love that kind of shopping! :) And we're going to be looking for artwork and decorations to fill up wall space instead of using a lot of furniture.
We will definitely need a sectional and book cases. We have a TON of books. The house has a family room and living room so we're going to use the living room as a computer room/library. :) I am really looking forward to having all our books in one place and displayed and accessible!! Our bedroom also has a sitting area where I'll be able to have a scrapbooking room!!! Yipee!!! That will be AWESOME!
Some of our belongings have been stored since we left California - non-essentials like tschotskes and scrapbooking stuff. It will be almost like Christmas to unpack all of our things finally!
While there are a ton of exciting thing happening, and while I'm soooo thankful for our new house - - I hate moving. I'm soooo ready to be stable and stuck and plant roots. Lowell and I have joked that even though this house is a modular, we might buy it just so we don't have to move again!!!! :) Either that or we're paying someone to move us next time.

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Stony and Brit said...

I love your new house. I think it is already warm and comfy...and the yard is exciting. I'm so glad I got to be a part of your day and see your new home.