Monday, February 7, 2011

More General Updates

**We had our Superbowl party last night. Our old next door neighbors came as well as another neighbor. We had about 15 people in our house and had a lot of fun. Lowell bar-b-qued hot dogs and hamburgers and I made a Jell-o cake; our neighbors brought chicken wings and we were good to go! :) Our kids didn't get in bed until after 9pm so I'm sure they will be really tired when Daddy picks them up from school today, They all said they had a really good time. The kids played football, volleyball and monkey-in-the-middle until it got dark and then had a massive Wii fest. Lowell was smart enough to come up with the idea of hooking up our other TV in our family room just for the Wii so that the kids could be occupied while the adults watched the game. We had a split crowd - some for the Steelers and some Packers fans but we all enjoyed the commercials. (Hands down favorite was the Careerbuilder spot with the monkeys, but the VW bettle came in a close second.)
**I know I haven't posted any pictures lately - and I aching to - but with not having internet at home, I have to take both my camera and laptop to Burger King and attempt to upload pics. I'll see if I can get around to that this weekend. I haven't really taken any recent pictures that I can remember so maybe I'll have to take some first!! :)
**It really seems like the to-do list never ends... I was frustrated Saturday because it seems that, no matter how good of a job we do cleaning the house the previous Saturday, it is always destroyed again. I grew up as an only child with a retired "mom". The house was always spotless. I mean always. Spotless. No dust, no dishes, no laundry. Spotless. So that's the standard that I'm trying to live up to. And I work, and go to school and have three and a half kids. Its basically an impossible dream, but yet I still get so frustrated when I'm unable to meet it! Why can't I let it go and be happy about what I am getting done!!?!?! Aggravating!
**I've also hit a bit of a dead end with my practicum... I've gotten three interview offers, but all for positions that were on the far side of the valley. I have been looking for somewhere to work in the west valley, but with no luck. I'm seriously thinking about going door-to-door at private practices to see if I have better luck with them. Honestly, I think I would prefer to work in a private practice instead of in a big, mental health organization. All I know for sure is that the clock is ticking and I'm stressed about how this is all going to work out with my financial aid. I'm sure God has something planned, but at this point, I have no clue what it may be. I am continuing to apply online to various positions and, maybe I'll start going from place to place on Thursday.
**Chloe has her follow-up with the surgeon this week. Finally. I honestly should have done it last week, but I am just so swamped and feel like I'm doing my best just to keep my head above water. I'm just going to give myself kudos that I finally got it scheduled!! I'm sure that she'll be given a clean bill of health and she's very excited about being able to do PE again. It is so hard to believe that 3 weeks ago she was having surgery. You'd never know it to look at her now!
**Baby #4 is still unnamed. And beginning to act up a little. I started having some minor contractions on Friday and a little on Saturday. By Sunday, they had subsided and today I've only had a dull backache. The nurse that is going to teach Lowell how to give me the shot was supposed to come out this morning, but I received a call last night that they were going to have to re-schedule. I was a little frustrated because I made it very clear that it was Monday morning or nothing, but I suppose it couldn't be helped. So, next Monday it is. If things get too bad this week, I can always go into my doctor's office and have them give me a shot - or I could just trust Lowell's innate nursing ability and let him give it a try. My medicine is mailed to me monthly and in the first package, they included a vial of sodium and a tennis ball for Lowell to practice on. This oughta be interesting. :)


Stony and Brit said...

Oh my gosh. I don't think you could pay either Stony or me to let him give me a shot. I know that is a loving thing for Lowell to do. But if it were me, that would sound more like torture. I admire both of you and your courage and trust!

theKband said...

Oh wow! Soo much going on! And, I can totally relate to cleaning the house just to get it trashed all over again. I got the old Murphy's Oil out yesterday and deep cleaned our floors. Now looking at the crumbs,the spillage, etc. on them I just wonder what else I could have done with that hour yesterday....