Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well, I'm at BK using WiFi and this time, I brought my camera so, lets see what the Trent children have been up to!! :)

Also, we have a gopher. Or, according to Jillian, a gol-fur. Lowell was watering the lawn yesterday and scared out a little gopher and then trapped him with a plastic bin. The kids have been feeding him and Lowell says that he's going to take him to another field and let him go. I think that's code for killing him, but we'll see.

These are my girls being cute right around Christmas time. Yes, they're wearing dresses, Chloe's without sleeves, because it was about 75 degrees on Christmas. We were making Christmas cookies for the party at church for the Toddler room volunteers.

This is Jille's new dress that she got for Christmas. She's also wearing the necklace that Chloe gave her. I found this dress at the thrift store, but she seems to love it.

Nathan and Chloe hugging as thanks for the gifts they gave each other. Chloe is wearing her new dress - also from the thrift store. We went super cheap this year. :)

Daddy decided to burn off some of the weeds in our yard a couple weeks ago and so Nathan got suited up and ready to protect our house. He has a tank that he wears on his back with a hose that he can use to shoot out water so Lowell would start the little fires and Nathan would run around behind him putting them out. This was actually the second night of firefighting, all for my benefit so that I could immortalize the act in photos. :)

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Stony and Brit said...

Their dresses are very pretty. I tell ya, thrift store is the way to go!!

I think your little fire fighter is quite the little man. :)