Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Blog

My son has started a blog. :) Not one that is on the computer, more like daily diary entries, but he calls them his blog. He's also drawing pictures where appropriate. For example, he earned a special gift on Sunday and so I pulled something out of my "just because" box that I keep for exactly those moments. I gave him a bug net. Within minutes, he had caught a grasshopper and then was off to find bigger prey. A while later, he had with a baby bird. Well, not really a baby, more like a toddler bird. It was in our field and was obviously learning how to fly.
Nathan's blog entry included the story and then a picture that he drew of the little thing. Absolutely adorable! :)

Other entries include how he beat his Star Wars Wii game finally and how excited he was about the final battle; going to Tonopah with Daddy for a side job and meeting a baby ferret named Oh; playing in the sprinklers and other random moments of fun that they've enjoyed over their Spring Break. I felt blessed to read what he's written and to get a glimpse into how he views the world. And I was very thankful that nothing in his blog indicated that he's feeling stressed or upset. :)

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Linda said...

I sure love you all, Missing you so much. Love and kisses to everyone. Its so nice to hear about all that is your life. When is the book coming out??? Think you are missing a calling.
Love grammmie