Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friends - New and Old

Lowell is four years older than me. Because of this, while I was a freshman, sophomore in high school, he was beginning his college career. He attended UTI, a technical school in Phoenix. UTI didn't have dorms at that time, so the students were responsible for finding their own apartments. Lowell ended up living with 5 other guys in a three bedroom apartment. One of those guys was named Scott. When Lowell left UTI in 1995, he and Scott didn't stay in touch. About a year ago, I got a message on Facebook from the very same Scott asking if I was married to or related to anyone named Lowell. :) Since then, they've talked on the phone a few times, but this past weekend, I got a message on FB from Scott inviting our family to a bar-b-que at his sister's house here in Phoenix. He was making a quick two day trip to the valley and wanted to see Lowell while he was here.
The boys had a good night telling stories and catching up. They laughed about crazy things they had done and wondered about friends they had lost contact with. Meanwhile, the kids and I mingled with the rest of the family. It was suprisingly comfortable and I didn't feel left out at all. Our kids were the only little ones there, but they did a very good job entertaining themselves and staying out of trouble. The best news came at the end of the night when Scott shared that he is finishing his business degree in California and then will be transferring to Phoenix. Hopefully he and Lowell will be able to see each other more regularly in the near future! :)

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