Friday, April 29, 2011

Mama Walrus

A couple days ago, I had a conversation with my boss about the Disney movie "Oceans". I haven't seen it and she was describing a story about a mother walrus who displayed poignant "motherly love". My boss was moved by how sweet the moment was and commented on how silly we moms can be at times. :)
The next morning, I had a "mama walrus" moment. I had just dropped Nathan and Chloe off at their school and I was driving to Jillie's school. Up until that point, she had been loudly singing along with the radio. My baby girl is usually one of three things - singing, talking or sleeping. She isn't quiet. So when the back seat fell silent... and then stayed that way, I moved my mirror to see if she had fallen asleep. Instead, I found my little 6 year old, eyes closed, her hands raised to her Lord in silent worship.
The tears came and I rejoiced at how my babies are learning to love God and to worship Him without fear or shame. What a blessing.
And I'll bet Jesus was smiling too. :)

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