Monday, May 2, 2011


Its May. Hard to believe. Our May is busy - we have...
*Nathan's 9th birthday and party
*Mother's day
*Orientation for me at my new internship
*The possibility of Lowell switching shifts (yay!)
*The spring concert at school
*The Spring book fair
*My bestest friend's 31st birthday
*Which is, coincidentally, the day I get to stop having shots because I'll be 36 weeks preggo
*Chloe's 8th Birthday and party
*Church on Sundays
*Leadership meeting for volunteers at church
*Memorial Day
*Nathan's Toga party at school
*A likelihood of me going to part-time employment
*Doctor appointments every other Monday
*The everyday jobs that come with being a crazy mom of 3.5 wonderful babies!!! :)
*And, very likely, the onset of 100+ degree temperatures. We're currently at or around 90-95 but that will soon be changing. I see a slip and slide in our near future..... :)

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