Monday, May 16, 2011

Toga and the Birthday Presents

Today is the toga party. Last night Nathan and I were up putting the finishing touches on his costume. He created a sword out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, he made a shield and armor from cardboard and we made his toga out of a old bed sheet. He finished up with the painting and I was busy with the hot glue gun. :) I took a picture before he left for school, so I'll be sure to post it soon. He was an adorable Roman soldier.
We haven't had a party for Nathan yet, we're planning on having a party for both he and Chloe at the end of the month. He did get a couple of his presents already however. From his Uncle Bread and Auntie Leeda, he got his coveted Force Unleashed 2 Wii game; money that he used to buy Star Wars toys from Mamoo and Grandma Hippo; and a Commander Cody Clone helmet from Mom and Dad. He was a very happy boy!!! :)
I am looking forward to another little present that I am hoping to get for him... In Walmart, they have a display of socks and underwear that are from Star Wars and on each side of the display, there are huge life sized clone figures -- as soon as I saw them I asked the lady if I could have them. She checked with the manager and is supposed to call me as soon as they can throw them away... I'm very anxious and I hope they come through for me!
I'll be sure to post pictures of them as soon as I get my hands on them!!! :) And of the smiling face of my little Buggy when he sees them!

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theKband said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Man, you guys got creative!