Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fashion Sense

Jillian is quite a character. She has been since she was born. She’s usually a train wreck wherever she goes, even when she puts a ton of effort into how she looks. Well, maybe I should say especially when she puts effort into how she looks.  Some of her creations are quite avante garde.

In addition to her fashion sense, aspects of her personality are equally colorful. She has recently become quite morbid. For awhile, it was an obsession with blood. She wanted to know, for example, how much blood with be involved with child birth and whether or not the baby would be bloody. When she gets a cut, she’ll squeeze it until she gets blood to come out, and then freak out because she needs a band-aid. More recently, she’s been uber curious about the timing of people’s death. She asks questions like, “Mom, when I’m a grandma, you’ll be dead, right?” Or, “Nathan is gonna die first because he’s the oldest, right?”

I spoke with her teacher today who pulled me aside when I was picking her up. He wanted to let me know that they had done a reading assessment and that Jillian scored off the charts. She had the highest score amongst all the kindergarteners and she was rated at a reading level of 5th grade. He was blown away and said that we’ll have to stay on our toes keeping her challenged.  So, I guess this summer will involve lots of trips to the library.


Moron said...

Wow! Way to go Jilly!! And props to you to Momma!!

Stony and Brit said...

Wow! That is awesome. You have your work cut out for you finding emotionally appropriate reading material that will still be interesting and challenging for her. That is way exciting!!