Monday, May 2, 2011

Gifts of Love

I saw something very poignant this past weekend... My little baby Boogie didn't get a card in the mail. Both Nathan and Chloe got cards from their grandma's because their birthdays are coming up. But Boogie's birthday is in March. She was soon pacified about the cards, but then wanted to make a card of her own to send to the grandmas so that she might get one in return. I thought this idea was fantastic. :) She immediately began with her craft but then wanted to know if she could send the grandmas some money. She said that she gets money in the cards that her family sends her and so she should send money too. I tried to encourage her to draw pictures or write letters - that is the kind of gift that the grandmas would really appreciate. I thought I got through to her until I came into the living room and found her brand new piggy bank laying on its side with its "butt" out.
I know that money doesn't have the same significance to a 6 year old that it does to me, but I was still moved. She was so generous and so eager to make someone else happy. I thought about how I hesitate to part with my money at times because of fear or simple greed. I loved how her sweet little heart just wanted to give so badly. It brought tears to my eyes.
Tomorrow, we're going to mail a couple envelopes to the grandmas. I don't know if they'll be full of quarters and pennies or of artwork and letters, but either way, I'm sure they'll make someone's day.

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