Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby and Schedule Update

I went to see my doctor on Monday. He said that I'm still contracting (I knew that!) and that I'm still slowly dilating, but that he wants me to hold out until June 1st. That will get me to 37 weeks, and then I'll be able to deliver whenever I want! This will mean an end to the "modified activity" restriction that I've been on as well as the "pelvic rest". I'm very ready to be able to function without constantly monitoring my stomach and sitting on the couch for hours at a time to stop my contractions. On the other hand, I'm very thankful for how effective the progesterone shot treatment turned out to be. I've made it this far!!! :) That is definitely a blessing from God!
We still don't have a name picked out... Maybe he'll get named in the delivery room like Jillian did. :)
We've got almost everything that we need for now - I went yard sale-ing last weekend and found a high chair and a swing. We still don't have a dresser for his clothes and we're going to need a new crib soon because the one we were given doesn't work properly. When he is able to move around, we'll have to get a new one. And we definitely need to buy diapers.... I bought one package of newborn sized, but if I deliver on or around June 1st, he'll be too small for newborn diapers. The doctor guesstimated that he weighs between 4 and 4.5 pounds right now. That will mean that the new baby will be about the size of Nathan when he's born - newborn diapers were HUGE on Nathan. :)
God has definitely been softening my heart over the past couple of weeks and I'm getting excited about meeting this little guy. I re-read the post from when Nathan was in the hospital, and reminded myself that I am much happier and healthier when I'm focusing on the positive and on the blessings in my life. Its definitely a process to shift my perspective, but its a path that I've started down and one that I definitely don't want to stop now! I even got down on the floor and played with Lowell and Chloe last night. I was very proud of myself. And when I hear those voices saying that I'm not enough, or the house isn't clean enough or that I'm a bad mother because of ... , I am learning to shut them up with a quick prayer and a conscious re-focus of my priorities.
We still haven't heard about Lowell's promotion. He's heard rumors at work that they gave it to someone else but nothing has been confirmed yet. He wasn't bummed, just said that he's going to start looking for another job that is closer and one that can get him on first shift... I was bummed however. I was always expecting him to get it, and therefore, for us to be able to feel the financial benefit as well as the schedule benefit. Without the change, Lowell will still work nights, and I'll have to work part time at my job and 2 12 hour days at the practicum - so basically full time. I was hoping to not have to do this with the baby.... Its not set in stone yet, so I'm trying not to be discouraged. I know that God planned for this baby and so He'll make something work. I don't know when we'll hear about the job - maybe he'll never hear officially and the other guy will just get it. That's one of the frustrating things about his company....
As for the baby - 7 days. And counting...

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It's the 2nd. Do you have a baby yet? :)