Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Experiences

I start my practicum tomorrow. I'm going to be "shadowing" other students for the first couple of weeks but then I will be getting my own cases... As of this morning, I'm really excited.
This was our first week parenting four children without any help. My mother in law went home on the 6th. I am very grateful for all that she did for us and that she was willing to take 6 weeks out of her life and give them to our family. When she left, I was in the shower with our cat who had been in another fight and was bleeding from his face so I didn't get a chance to tell her good bye, much less thank you. So Who, (that's what I call her) thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!  You are very appreciated and the kids already miss you! :) **Side note - the cat actually likes taking a shower and has started healing nicely. He usually stays home for a couple of days after a big brawl, but I'm sure it won't be long before he ventures out into the pugilistic world once more...
So far we've survived and we're doing pretty well. Thursday Lowell watched Wyatt for a couple hours while I took the bigger kids to the pool. We had a blast!!! I actually jumped off the high dive. Woot woot! There was definitely a moment where my stomach feel into my toes as I stood on the end of the diving board, but I couldn't let my kids know that I was scared because then they would hesitate too, so I just took a breath and jumped. :) It was surprisingly fun and I might just do it again next time.
Most of the day I spent working with Jillie, reminding her of all the swimming that she learned at the end of last year. By the end of the day, she was going down the water slide and even thought about the diving board... When I told her that I was going to dunk her under water in the 8 feet section and she would have to show me that she could swim to the edg before she'd be allowed to jump, she decided against the diving board. She was content with the water slide.
Chloe alternated between the water slide and the diving board. Last year, she was too short for the water slide and too scared of the diving board so Thursday was a day of firsts for her. And, in true Chloe fashion, she went straight for the HIGH dive instead of starting off with the little one.No hesitation whatsoever - just right off the end. Her only complaint - her bathing suit didn't stay where it should be... :)  At one point in the afternoon, she was standing with me in the shallow end and we watched a girl about her age do a back flip off the diving board. Again, Chloe being who she is, without a word to me she marched over to the diving board and did a front flip.
Off the high dive.
Into 14 feet of water.
Without asking. 
Its always the quiet ones. :)
I mentioned to her when she swam over that she should have asked first, but that she did an awesome job. She just smiled and said "Ok."
Nathan spent most of his time rough housing with a friend from school but also took a few jumps from the diving board. After he heard that Chloe did a flip, he wanted to try it but changed his mind - maybe next time. :) I think we're going to go again next week and I'm really looking forward to it!

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