Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pictures

Just wanted to quickly update in a photographic fashion. :)

Daddy loving a Peanut.. Look at the shoes!! :)
Chloe and her BFF Abbi playing PlayDoh during their sleepover.
I had 7 children. At 10pm, there were ALL still awake.. And then come 5am, they were all awake again. :)
Jillian and her sleepover buddy, Sarah. They were watching Rango and eating popcorn. They also played with their Little Pet Shop toys and played dress up.

I can finally go outside a little because now Wyatt can ride in the Snuggi! Love this invention!
Also part of the sleepover adventures, this is Nathan and his BFF Nate (also Nathan) who are digging a moat around the burial site of a spider they killed. They were worried that the ants would disturb the corpse. Weird little boys. :)
Love this picture. This was at work, the day before my last day... Doesn't he look thrilled?!?! :)
So as a quick synopsis.. I'm not working anymore. Lowell has been working substantial amounts of overtime to make up the difference but we decided that it just makes more sense this way. I started my practicum this week and there's not much to say so far. I'm learning all the agency paperwork and getting orientated at the school.
The kids start school on Monday. They've been getting more and more anxious. Jillian runs to the calendar every day to count down. Thursday they have back-to-school night and I'm excited to learn who their teachers will be.
Wyatt has his two month shots tomorrow - granted, a few days late, but we've been really busy. He weighs almost 10 pounds if my calculations are correct. He's still fantastic and doing a great job sleeping.
We are very blessed.


Stony and Brit said...

Sleepover with that many kids? You are either insane or one of the greatest moms ever!!! I think the Nathans are a crack up. And Wyatt...well, he's just cute. You and Lowell both look good. Thanks for the pictures.

theKband said...

Wow, 10 kids at a sleepover?? You're brave!