Friday, September 2, 2011

August 2011

I know its been awhile since I’ve done a “day in the life of the Trent family” post, so here’s one. :) This was last week, the kids were pretty bored and so they decided to get creative. It started with Nathan wanting to draw something on his face so that he could look like a Star Wars character. (I have no idea which one.) When I saw the kids again, their faces were completely covered in marker. Nathan even drew himself a six pack on his stomach. Next in the line-up of boredom-busters was a circus put on by Jillian who was a clown. Her act ended by her holding up her shirt to show that she had written “Kick Me” on her stomach. Quite entertaining.
The dresser that I have been using for Wyatt’s clothes broke recently so while the kids were creating their masterpieces, I was going through his clothes organizing, sorting and purging. When the girls realized that the little tiny clothes were going to the thrift store, they busted out with their stuffed animals to see if any of Wyatt’s clothes would work for their “babies”.
Nathan spent some of the afternoon playing his new favorite game on the internet but then decided to set up a battle in his room. The purpose of the string? I have no idea, but he had various Star Wars characters hanging from it. I'm not sure if the string was to emulate bullet trajectories or to mimic some building infastructure that was used in the seige. Crazy little boy imaginations. :)

This scene is the site of a wrestling match between all three kids. They used all the pillows in the house so that no one would get hurt. Pretty smart. This is Jillian's room which had remained surprisingly clean for two days, I was very impressed that when they needed space, Jillian's room was the cleanest. :) I was also impressed at how well they played together. I love those moments of peace. Even when they come in the middle of a wrestling match.

The youngest and the oldest boy in the family both spent a lot of time sleeping. Wyatt was recovering from a cold, and Lowell was recovering from, well, life. That boy never sleeps enough.

This is my creation for dinner. I totally made it up as I went along. Chicken breasts, frozen broccoli and cheese, rice, cream of chicken and chicken broth and chunky salsa. I was AWESOME! Yay, me!
This is the rest of my day – devotional time, reading a new book from the library, ripping songs from CDs to my computer in an effort to downsize more stuff, a little TV (I’m newly obsessed with Bones -- Totally love it!!!) taking care of the baby, and cleaning.

All in all, a fun, productive, fairly normal and memorable day. :)

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Stony and Brit said...

I love your "day in the life of". I love seeing the pictures and I LOVE the stories of your kids--they have such incredible imaginations. I can never read one of those stories without laughing out loud.