Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My 300th Post

There is a test that therapists and doctors can use to determine the level of stress in a persons life. Its a simple self-report test meaning that you can take it anytime and the score is based on what the person reports about their life. I took it today because I was thinking about all the things we've been though in the past 12 months... We've moved, we had three surgeries, a birth, a death, bought a new car, I took a break from classes and then started my internship, Lowell became the sole bread winner for our family, my mother in law lived with us for about two months, my father in law lived with us for about two months, and so many other changes...
The highest level of stress on this test is anything over 300 points... I'm at McDonalds using the Wifi and laughed out loud when I got my score... It was a whopping 615. I'd say I qualify as experiencing high levels of stress. :)
I must clarify that negative changes in life are not the only ones that produce stress. Positive changes also lead to stress, it is the cumulative effect of the changes. I definitely have a lot to be thankful for and I am giving all credit to God that I am not a bumbling idiot drooling in a corner somewhere. Its only by His power that I can make it though each day. I'm bathed in His love and humbled by His mercies. I must be since I haven't totally lost my mind. At least not yet.

His shirt says "PICK ME UP  I dig older chicks"  :)
For no reason other than the fact that he's adorable (and the source of much of the above mentioned stress. :)) here's Wyatt with his newest obsession - trying to fit his huge little fist into his very little mouth. Sometimes he tries to get both fists in at the same time. He's completely given up on the pacifier idea - the fists are too much fun.

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