Monday, October 24, 2011


Totally blessed today by a co-practicum-er. She is also studying for her National Counselor Exam and has already purchased the CD study guide. And today, SHE LET ME BORROW IT!!! So, I'm currently downloading all the material to my computer. I feel totally spoiled -- especially considering that this CD set retails for around $80!
 I also found an app on my smart phone to help me study. It has a study mode as well as a test mode. Before even studying, I took a practice test and scored a 77%. It takes about an 80-85% score on the actual exam to pass, so I figure I'm not too far off!!! That was definitely encouraging. Also, I learned that the new procedure for the test requires me to go to a testing site (surprisingly, at an H&R Block location) and take the exam on the computer instead of using a Scantron form. (You know, those little "fill in the bubble" sheets.) Anyway, with the new procedure, I get my results IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting up to 6 weeks with the old system!
So, some more studying (thanks to my new CDs) and $325 and I'll be ready! I'll let you know more as the day approaches...


The Northrups said...

You can do it, Ranalda! When I took it they took a little photo of me and kept it in the top left corner of the computer while I was taking the test. It distracted me because my hair was weird. So go with good hair ;-)

jesuslovesgiraffes said...

Good advice, Diggs! Thanks! :)