Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Time of The Day

I just got done putting the kids to bed. Right before they go to sleep is my absolute favorite time of the day. Everyone brushes their teeth and goes potty and then gets comfy in their beds.. And then I read. Previously we've read The Magic Treehouse, Dr. Seuss, and other random books that I've found... Then the kids requested that we read the Bible. Honestly. The kids asked. So, we busted out the kids bibles and got started. We read a couple of pages each night and talk about what God is doing with His people... But hands down, their favorite time is 'questions'. I jump back a few nights and start asking questions about the things we've read... Who, for example, led the Israelites after Deborah? And did Moses ever get to enter the Promised Land? Who was Elijah's successor and what miracles did he preform? I can't even express how much I love this time of night... I love learning about these things myself and I LOVE having the kids learn them! Even Jillian remembers the names and the places... They all raise their hands in excitement when they know the answers and they never want me to stop. They can't get enough of learning about the Bible. How blessed am I? Honestly, what better quality could I ask for in my beautiful children than a love of the Word???

ps If you want the answers to the above questions, let me know! :)

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The Northrups said...

What a perfect, perfect treasure and blessing. I am so joyful for you as a mama watching her hard work and prayers bear fruit!!! Hooray little Trents! What God has in store...