Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Favorite Story About My Husband

The idea behind this week's "My husband rocks" is to tell a story about him that makes you laugh every time you think of it... Well, for me, that's easy! :) I love telling the story about when Nathan was a few months old, and we took a trip to visit his Aunt in Bakersfield. We had just gotten lunch to go at McDonalds and as soon as we got back on the highway, Nathan woke up from his nap - wet. And unhappy. So, Lowell pulled over as soon as he could. I pulled Nathan up onto the front seat facing me, standing by the side of the truck. I was changing his diaper, had just gotten the wet one off, when I dropped the wipes. Meanwhile, Lowell is digging through the McDonalds bag to find his lunch. I put my hand on Nathan's leg while I retrieved the wipes. When I stood back up, Lowell was squealing and hanging upside down out the door. Apparently, Nathan had peed and it went straight over onto Lowell and onto lunch. Lowell had tried to jump out the door, forgetting that he still had his seat belt on so he was left with his feet up in the air by the side of the highway with cars honking at him as they passed... :) It was hysterical! I was laughing so hard I sat on the ground and cried with laughter. I love my husband soo much. :)


Moron said...

I always love to hear that story!!! It makes me giggle like crazy!! Love you!

The Northrups said...

That is excellent :-)