Friday, February 13, 2009

A Busy Day

Well, today was a busy day... :) Not only is it My Husband Rocks Friday, but it is the day before Valentines day, Friday the 13th, the morning of a huge snow storm and the day I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled. Here alone, (Lowell was at work - he was going to take the day off to take me to the dentist, but they needed him and we decided that sending him to work was the right thing to do) I got up and tried to get the kids ready for school and then put chains on the car when it was snowing at an incredible rate! In only 3 hours, we got almost a foot of snow. And that's not really the best part, it snowed all the way down to 1000ft. In our neck of the woods, we're used to a little snow but down there - it was a nightmare. And a town full of people who don't know how to drive in the snow. There were accidents everywhere! Thankfully, as far as I know, no one was hurt. So, I got to practice my chain-putting-on skills while getting dumped on.. I learned that I need to practice a little more and next time shouldn't be when the weather is soo bad. On the other hand, this snow is job security for Lowell. This picture is of the highway that we had to take to get to school!! The highway! :) And then I got my tooth yanked out, (yikes) but thankfully, my wisdom teeth didn't start acting up until 1 week after we got dental insurance. Isn't God wonderful!! :) And then went to school and to participate in the kids Valentine's day activities.. Then home to shovel out the wood pile and make a fire... It was 40 degrees in the house. :)
So, why does my husband rock? Because this whole week I've been plagued with a massive toothache. My husband, wonderful man that he is, has been so supportive. I've gotten a ton of sweet, soft kisses on my cheek along with many homemade smoothies (because that's all I could eat). Also, he was great about taking on more responsibilities with the kids, like reading to them because my mouth hurt, and he was just so thoughtful and understanding. I adore my husband! I am so blessed to have a husband who is so loving and who really believes that his family comes first. He doesn't take his responsibility lightly - he provides for us, he protects us, he desires to spend time with us and he honestly seeks to do God's will so that our family will be blessed and will live according to God's plan. I am so blessed! Thank you, Lord for the very perfect valentine's present - another day with my husband! :)


The Northrups said...

What a beautiful concluding sentence!! Also, there won't be any need for snow chains next winter...!

theKband said...

What a blessing it is to have found someone who loves so well. Sometimes we live in a society where our men in our lives are made fun of, and just not thought highly of. It's good to hear how great our husbands are! I wish we'd all write about such things more often. Great post. And, I hope your mouth starts feeling better soon. I hate toothaches.