Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday; A Little Late

My husband rocks was yesterday... And I missed it, but I wanted to catch up because my husband really does deserve as many kuddos as possible! He has a terrible flu thanks to Jillie being sick and bringing it home. He has been miserable and suffering but he's still been wonderful. And I love him. For one thing, there has been a lot of work that needed to be done this week in order to get ready for Grandpa coming over. Because Lowell has been sick, I've done most of it - and most of it has been outside doing yard work or cleaning up the yard. And Lowell has been very grateful - he's shown his appreciation and he's been thankful. And I appreciate him appreciating me. :) Too often moms feel taken advantage of, but my husband is good at showing me that he loves me and that he appreciates the work that I do. I'm lucky. :) And my husband rocks.

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