Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Answered Prayer

There are some things that I attribute to God taking care of me that other people may find silly or insignificant. However, I really feel that my God is interested enough in me and my life to be involved in the little things; not only does He love me enough to worry about my eternal life - to die for me and forgive my sins, but my God loves me enough to care about my everyday life. For example, I was supposed to bring a tape measure and a screwdriver to work today for Susanna to use. By the time I remembered that, I was halfway to school and running late... And then I remembered that I had a few random things stuffed in my purse... Guess what two of those things were... Yep, a screwdriver and a tape measure. I just love it when I see little things like that and I know that God is smiling at me.
There are also very significant things in my life that I attribute to God taking care of me too. For example, Lowell and I had been working with a man to rent his home in Phoenix and things were just becoming hectic. He wasn't able to make his mind up about whether he wanted to rent to us or not and he kept going back and forth until finally we just had to give up and say, I'm sorry but we have to find someone else! So, I began searching for another rental and about an hour later, I called a gentleman and within 10 minutes, we had the details hammered out and we're going to go get the keys to our house on Tuesday. Easy as that. I prayed that we would find a house, and God was faithful; He answered my prayers.
I don't want to sound like God is a vending machine and if we deposit the correct behavior and the correct prayer, He will deliver whatever we ask, because that definitely isn't the case. However, the Bible portrays God as our Father and He promises to meet our needs just like an earthly father would for his children. I know that it brings Lowell and I joy to be able to meet the needs and desires of our children and how much more so does it bring God joy to have a relationship with us, and to be able to have us trust Him to meet our needs. I'm sure He loves surprising us by showing up in our lives in both big and little ways. And I certainly love seeing His hand move... It is humbling to see the Creator of Heaven and Earth take interest in my life. How lucky we are to be so loved. :)

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