Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trip #1

Well, trip #1 is complete! We left Monday evening at 7pm and drove all night to Phoenix with a HUGE load of stuff! We unloaded the trailer, slept for 6 hours and turned around and drove back... 51 hours, 38 of it spent driving... I should specify that Lowell did all of the driving because our new truck is a stick; he hasn't taught me to drive one yet... So my only jobs were navigation and keeping him awake. It was a very long exhausting trip (although Lowell will tell you that I sleep the whole time I'm in a car...) but we had a few hours of great conversations... It is always fun to remember what it was like to just be the two of us. :) The kids spent a couple nights with their friends and had a great time. Now that we're back, we're going to load the truck on Saturday, I think and then we're going to leave for good either Monday or Tuesday. I have mixed emotions about leaving - we are going to miss our friends but we know that this is what God wants us to do and that we will be blessed. And I'm excited about starting my degree program. Again, a little nervous, but excited. I finally feel like I'm growing up. :) I still have some packing to do, and lots of errands... We're running out of time, but we've been reassured again and again that God is taking care of us. We're so blessed and SSOOO grateful! :)

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