Monday, April 13, 2009


Sunday was a very good day. Easter is so very special because it is the day that we set aside to remember how Jesus overcame death. We spent the morning at our church - the last time we'll be able to do that before we move.. And the afternoon was spent with Grandma Hippo. Today's sermon wasn't the typical "He is Risen" message but instead focused on the new life we've been given through a relationship with Jesus. Pastor George talked about how Jesus' sacrifice allows us to be new creations and to have a restored relationship with the Father. At the beginning of the sermon, there was a very powerful presentation. Members of our church came out, one at a time, holding large signs. On one side of the sign was who they were, on the flip side was who God has made them.. For example, one sign said "Addicted" and the flip side said "Addicted to Christ". Another was "Lonely, Angry Desert Soldier" and the flip said “Found peace in Christ“. Another sign that was very touching to me said “Walked away” and the other side was “Running to Jesus”. There were about 25 of these signs and it ended with the whole group of them standing up in the front of the church holding up their signs of who God made them… I was crying and everyone stood up. The awesome thing is that I knew quite a few of the people who held up signs and each of them told the truth. What the sign said really was their story. I loved how the people in our church feel comfortable enough to stand up there and be honest. And give God the glory for the amazing things He’s done in their lives. God is all about chances… My pastor always says that Christianity isn’t a religion about rules, its about relationship; the relationship we have with Christ.
After church was the egg hunt and the kids had a really good time. Then it was off to lunch with Gramma Hippo. She seemed melancholy today – well, lonely actually. I’m sorry that we’re leaving her but she was very supportive about us moving. She has always been supportive and I wish I could’ve been closer to her growing up. The kids really like her too. The plan is for me to be organized enough to have them write letters to their grandma’s once a week or so, so that they can stay in touch. I also plan on taking advantage of the webcam whenever possible.
Well, we’re getting down to the wire. I have my house buried in boxes.. We have the housewares pile of boxes, the kids pile of boxes, the thrift store pile, and the two biggest piles so far, the books and my scrapbooking stuff… I love my hobbies, but man there is a lot of stuff that goes along with them!! I’ve also got a system of stickers; blue, yellow and red to distinguish what is staying, going, and what I’d like to go if there’s room… Anyway, that’s about all from here for now… God bless!

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What an awesome church service!!