Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brunch and A Bicycle

Today is another beautiful day in Arizona. Its supposed to be around 100 degrees again and, honestly, it really isn't that bad! :) One of Nathan's new friends, the one who is moving on Wednesday, Matthew, just knocked on the door and had a surprise for Nathan. It was an old bike that needs some work. But he really wanted Nathan to be able to ride with the other boys on the street. It was really thoughtful. And Nathan was really excited. And the next thing he knew, Lowell had a garage full of boys wondering if he was going to fix it up today. :) Now Nathan is over at his friends house watching Ghostbusters. The girls, on the other hand, are feeling quite left out. I'm not sure what we're going to do about getting them some friends... I think we may try the rec center in town but Lowell is a little concerned about getting involved in anything until we get an income. Also, Sunday we're going to try a church. I don't know which one, but we need to start the yucky process of church hopping so that we can meet some new friends for these little girls. Its getting pretty sad around here.
Yesterday we went to brunch with two of my favorite people. We got together with Abby, Matt, Jason and Diggie! :) It has been about 8 years since I've seen Diggie and, my how I've missed her! The wonderful thing was that she hasn't changed a bit. She's definitely a little wiser now, but she is still the same fabulous Digila that we all know and love! She is the mother of a beautiful 14 month old who Lowell immediately fell in love with! And she's the proud wife of a 'techie' named Jason who is obviously in love with her! :) We had a great time and visited for most of the morning. We're hopefully going to get together Thursday night before my class so that I can show her around the new and improved GCU. And then we're all going to have fun Friday night at Abby's 29th birthday! :) Oh, and Diggie, I completely agree. I have a panic attack every time I think about turning 30 too!!

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The Northrups said...

Sweet and wonderful Ranalda!!!! I love you so much :-)