Sunday, May 17, 2009

The First Week

Well, today is Sunday and I've yet to create my Picasso album. That isn't to say that we've been completely unproductive this week. We've almost got the garage emptied and the only boxes I have left to unpack are those associated with my scrapbooking and my office. I'm in need of quite a few office things, so I will be digging into those boxes shortly. We've also made some friends. Our next door neighbors have a pool and a seven year old boy. Nathan is in heaven. To make things even better, I get along great with Beth, the mom, and Lowell is having fun spending time with Dennis, the dad! Also, to show what a small world we live in, Dennis has family who live in Arnold and spent quite a few summers in Bishop!!! We take it as more confirmation that we are where God wants us to be! School is good... I'm still nervous and trying hard not to get overwhelmed. It isn't so much that the work is super difficult - I just feel that because this is a whole other level of learning, the quality of the work needs to be superior to what I'm used to doing. I just got my first grade back - my first paper got a 92%. Honestly, it could've been better but I made a few silly mistakes with spelling and grammer and I didn't take the time to proof read my paper before I submitted it. This week I have to do the weekly journal entry, create a table on the paradigms of five different cultures and interview a person of a different culture. Next week, I have to write a cultural autobiography and do an indepth study of the cultural competence of a local business in addition to the weekly journal.
I applied for a couple of jobs today; one at Grand Canyon. Lowell needs to make a few more trips up to California to help his dad get the house ready to sell. I think he's still going to be job hunting because he won't be able to go without a job for long.. He just can't ride it for that long. :) We've also managed to turn the cat blue... Our back patio is a little slab of concrete and the girls have been tagging it with chalk. Indy's new favorite place to lay in on that concrete slab in the shade... And so, now he comes into the house all different shades of pretty... And the girls love it! :) Can you see how the side of his face is blue? And this is after a bath! (Yes, I'm crazy, I bathe my cats - but you should see how much they shed!!!) I'll update again soon!

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