Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nathan and Cody

Our next door neighbors are quite the social-ites. One of the neighborhood boys is moving at the end of the month and so Beth threw a going-away swim party for him on Saturday. The kids had a great time in the morning swimming and playing at her house and then she treated us all to hot dogs and cupcakes. Then she took six of the boys (I went along to help chaperone) to the laser tag arena in Mesa. They played video games until it was time for their group to begin their laser tag game. The arena is huge - two stories! The boys had a ton of fun and after we got back, 4 of them came to our house to play in the sand with their trucks. It was a busy, fun day! And a great way to get initiated into the local group of parents! :)
Also, we promised Nathan a pair of heelies for his birthday. On Wednesday last week, when I was doing homework, Lowell took the kids to the mall to kill time... There he found a pair of heelies for $20!!! Actual, legitimate, name brand heelies!! They were on Super-sale! And so he got them. Nathan is still a little hesitant on them and Lowell is petrified that he's going to break something! Come to find out, Cody has a pair as well and he needs practice too... So I think Cody and Dennis are going to go out with Lowell and Nathan to have heelie lessons soon! I'll keep you posted on the progress!
In addition, Lowell got himself a bicycle. He's been going riding just about every morning. Its great exercise and he's also learning the lay of the land. And its cool at 5 in the morning! :) Its been over 100 degrees for over a week now, but it really isn't that bad. Lowell and I aren't sweltering and the kids like it too! I've unpacked my scrapbooking stuff and set up my 'office' area. Lowell was really thoughtful in coming up with a place where I could have my own space. My plan was just to leave all the scrap stuff in the garage because I just couldn't see where we could possibly fit it in the house! I guess he really didn't want all that stuff in his garage! :) So now, we've moved our bed over against the wall and I have the other half of our bedroom... Its quite an efficient little space I must say, although I haven't done anything scrapbooking-ish in it yet. Only homework. Scary as it is to say out loud.. I've also made some progress on my book... I've come up with a game plan - a plan of attack for it. I couldn't ever seem to get started on it because I didn't have a direction. But now, I think I'm more ready to get started because I feel like I have a point to make... That doesn't mean I feel any more qualified to write a book, or any more gung ho about the idea.. But it is something that I really want to do... And something that Lowell keeps encouraging me to do. A lot of my hesitation comes from wondering what I could possibly have to say that anyone would want to read. (IRONY: I say this as I'm writing other inconsequential parts of my life on the web in hopes that other people will read it...) Maybe the solution is thinking that I should write a book for myself, without the intent of making it public. That's a possibility. Now t0 find the time and the self-disipline!

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